Why young men like older women

Mature women often prefer young men. But why is that? What do they like about them? Why can the combination work so well? We have dealt with these questions. In the following, we will explain what makes this relationship so attractive because of the greater age difference.

Mature women and young men – often afflicted with social prejudices

This relationship is often rejected within society. The reason for this is that a mature woman with a younger partner violates the idea of the given role of the sexes. An age difference of 10 years or more is usually only tolerated if it is the man who is older. If young women like older men, there are also reasons for this. Despite secret smiles, the man in this constellation is even envied by many men. Mature women and young men, this combination already raises more questions and doubts. But more and more young men are looking for established women, and in fact both sides have different advantages, for which there are even scientific explanations.

  1. The reason for the change in the image of women is that today’s modern women are emancipated and decide for themselves what is good for them, regardless of role patterns.
  2. In the past, the partner was supposed to be the provider and protector, but nowadays modern women have their feet firmly on the ground, are financially secure and have a profession, which now makes them independent of men.
  3. As a result, the selection criteria for partners have changed.

Mature women and young men – how do such relationships develop?

It is first and foremost a question of predisposition, preference and imprinting when young men are more attracted to mature women. Ultimately, there can be many reasons for this. Often there is talk of a “mother complex”, but this thesis could not be underlined. No young man wants to go to bed with his own mother unless there is a mental disorder requiring treatment. This is certainly not the reason for healthy young men. The older women have their attraction for young men in various respects, above all also in the erotic range. There is even a whole virtual reality industry around vr porn with older women.

The body of older women is softer and more feminine, which is very attractive to many men. In addition, mature women often have an attractive charisma, which young men often cannot resist. Both in life and in bed, they know what they want. Open-minded mature women have fun and experience sex. This makes them all the more interesting for young men who are not yet so experienced. Dealing with her own body is self-confident and erotic and they also like to take the initiative. Love between mature women and young men can become less complicated and more open. They enjoy the experience of the older partner. Many young men like it when the mature woman exercises a kind of dominance and takes what she wants.

Mature women and young men – attraction is mutual

Surveys have shown that the attraction between the two sexes is reciprocal. Many mature women have stated that they have flirted with younger men before or that they can imagine that well. At the same time, many young men also say that they have flirted with more mature women before or that it cannot be ruled out. Age does not generally play a role for the majority of women and men.

  • The fact that men have to be older and older, this thesis is no longer up-to-date and long outdated. Mature women like to hear compliments from younger men.
  • They find them flattering. They then like to return the compliment. Many young men say that mature women give them special access to another, new world.
  • Those who now believe that older women take everyone they can have are very wrong.
  • Mature women know exactly what they want. Such relationships can work very well in everyday life, because affection, love, getting along and fitting together do not have much to do with old age after all.

Mature women and young men – the advantages

These constellations broaden the horizon and enrich the wealth of experience. In return, mature women expect an interesting conversation partner who has a lot of humour and is a gentleman. In addition, he should be self-confident, because this makes him attractive and sexy. Young men, on the other hand, inspire with their advantages. They grew up with emancipated mothers, live equal rights, of course get involved and surprise with spontaneous ideas. Young men inspire with their flexibility. Mature women enjoy the impartiality and freedom. They enjoy a varied, exciting life with young men. Mature women also have some character and human advantages over younger women. Most of them have already had relationships, so they are more experienced and relaxed with regard to the relationship. They are calmer and more relaxed in dealing with conflicts. Compared to many young women, they see many things less closely. They are more accessible and understanding towards the shortcomings of a man. These are all good conditions for harmony within the relationship.

When you think of a relationship with a greater age difference, the first thing you usually think of is the cliché of a mature man and a much younger woman. This relationship concept is widespread, but of course it also works the other way around. More and more mature women want young men at their side. Ultimately, everyone should be able to decide for themselves where their preferences lie. All relationships can function because it always depends on what is made of them. Couples with greater age differences should distance themselves from outrageous statements.

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