Why Older Women Are Hotter Than Teens

Older women are sexy. I know that since I started an affair with my department manager as an apprentice. Now I myself am as old as she was then and still don’t like young things.

Why? Quite simply: Ask. Quite simple: Imagine an 18-year-old. She is dressed in nothing but a towel and is just coming out of the shower with wet hair. She loosens the towel and dries her wet curls. Then she sits down next to you on the bed, the towel slides up slightly, giving a glimpse of her inner thighs. She smiles at you and says: “My English course instructor is really a complete idiot”. That’s their right. That’s her world of experience. But do you want to hear something like that? I’d rather look at a few laughing or stomach wrinkles.

Is that why I’m a perverse freak? Rather not. The British channel BBC asked 120,000 men which criteria play a role for them when choosing a partner. It turned out that for men, intelligence is the most important factor in choosing a partner. Behind them are appearance and a sense of humour. I don’t think that only applies to Englishmen. Or is your girlfriend rarely stupid?

The second spring?

Many older men who love young women don’t just appreciate their looks. They enjoy much more that the girls are so fresh and fresh and that you can do such crazy things with them. I can’t understand that either. I don’t want to be thrown into a fountain under a full moon in a juvenile carelessness, crazy and romantic anymore, because that’s what they do in Hollywood movies. Because I won’t be dry again in the next scene, unlike in the movies. And that’s why I catch a terrible cold. I had a youth. I don’t need another one.

But I do not only decide against young girls. I also choose older women. I appreciate a lot of their qualities:

For example, they usually know what they want. When older women have decided to sleep with you, they usually do the same. This is also proven by Surveys: Women over the age of 40 want to have sex. Their longing for sex does not diminish with age: 51 percent of the over 40s have sex at least once a week. Five percent even want to have sex every day. They are also more determined. “At 40, women know what they like and don’t like when they have sex,” says Hamburg psychologist Michael Thiel.

Even after sex, experienced women know what men want

A woman over 40 will never wake you up in the middle of the night to ask “What are you thinking? She is glad that she gets enough sleep. At forty, going through the night is finally a decision that can decide about the whole weekly form.

I could go a little further now, but it always comes down to one thing:

  1. young girls are a therapy
  2. older women a pleasure

Even with this opinion I am not alone: The real problem with age eroticism is the biological problem of men over 40. Their body produces less and less testosterone. The result: They have less and less desire for sex. Among psychologists there is therefore a surprising theory: older men look for the young things because they are just discovering their sexuality. Above all, they want to admire the older men. And that’s why they don’t demand sex so often.