Mature women like younger men

Mature women like younger men – this is not new! But the attraction is based on reciprocity. This is the result of a recent survey commissioned by “AXE“.

Thus per cent of the asked women between 30 and 45 years have flirted already times with a younger man or can imagine this well and each second man between 18 and 26 years dared already times a flirt with an older woman or can imagine this. In general, age plays no role for a large majority of women (78%) and young men (61%).

“The idea that men basically have to be older is outdated and no longer up to date,” says single and relationship expert Eric Hegmann.

Women especially like to hear compliments from the mouth of a younger man. 74 percent of the women interviewed said that they find a compliment from a younger man flattering. 15 percent even prefer this to a compliment from a man of the same age or older. And women should not be afraid to return the compliment. 72 percent of 18- to 26-year-old men would also find this positive.

Many factors are attractive about older women

58 percent of the interviewed men say that older women give them access to a new world. This is also confirmed by Eric Hegmann: “Such constellations enrich the wealth of experience and broaden both horizon and passion.

Above all, however, the women themselves are fascinating: Erotic, according to 59% of the men surveyed, is their self-confident handling of their bodies and preferences, their humour (50%) and when they take the initiative (45%).

What should a young man bring to impress an experienced woman?

89 percent of women expect an interesting conversational partner, 78 percent a man with a sense of humour and one in two (55 percent) likes to go out with a gentleman. No wonder younger men can get a little nervous: Every third person who would be attracted to flirting with an older woman but has not yet put this into practice is unsure about how to behave towards older women and 30% think they have no chance at all.

For the first step expert Hegmann recommends no shyness: Young men should not be so hesitant. The opposite sex only waits for the first step – regardless of age. Courage makes you attractive, because self-confidence is sexy”.